California Certified Gambling Counselor, Level II (CCGC-II)


CCGC stands for California Certified Gambling Counselor. Since 2000, CCPG has continued to teach and certify gambling counselors in California; however, with the demand for treatment of gamblers and their families increasing daily, there remains an ever-growing need for competent gambling counselors.

Can I Earn an Advanced Credential (CCGC-II)?
California Certified Gambling Counselor Level II (CCGC-II) is an advanced credential which can be earned by qualified CCGCs with extensive experience working with problem gamblers and their family members.

The basic requirements are:

  • 2,000  hours of problem-gambling related counseling;
  • 30 hours of problem-gambling specific education within the past 5 years;
    • In addition to the 30-hour training required to become a CCGC-I

If you are a CCGC-I and meet the above requirements, please download the CCGC-II Overview & Cost Schedule and/or contact CCPG at 714-765-5804 for more information about becoming a CCGC-II. Or to apply immediately, you can download the forms to become a CCGC-II here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q: I attended the 30-hour CCGC-I training less than five years ago / I have attended the 30-hour CCGC-I training course more than one time. Does that count for the educational requirement to become a CCGC-II?
A: No – you must receive 30 hours of problem-gambling related education in addition to the 30 hour training for CCGC-I, for a total of 60 hours of problem gambling-specific education (30 hours of which must have been within 5 years of your application for CCGC-II).

Q: Do the 100 supervised hours from my CCGC-I count towards my CCGC-II?
A: Yes they do. In effect, you need to accrue an additional 1,900 hours after earning your CCGC-I, for a total of 2,000 hours.

Q: Do all of my supervised hours have to be with a specific supervisor?
A: No, your supervised hours may be with any of your clinical supervisor(s), and may be signed off on by more than 1 supervisor. However, your BACC hours must all be with a single BACC (although it does not have to be the same BACC who approved your CCGC-I certification).

Q: I am not a CCGC-I, but I meet the other requirements. Can I apply?
A: No – you must have an active CCGC-I to become a CCGC-II. Additionally, “supervised hours” do not begin to accrue until you have attended the 30 hour CCGC-I training, so it is unlikely that you will meet the 2,000 supervised hours requirement.

Q: I used to be a CCGC-I, but my certification has expired. Can I apply to become a CCGC-II?
A: You must have an active CCGC-I certification to become a CCGC-II; however, you may apply for recertification (CCGC-I) and the advanced credential (CCGC-II) simultaneously if you meet the requirements for each program, respectively.

Please note that to recertify as a CCGC-I, you must first take the 8-hour Seminar on Counseling Problem Gamblers, which is taught by the California Council on Problem Gambling, or a different but equivalent educational unit which was been PRE-APPROVED by the California Council on Problem Gambling.

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