Certified Gambling Counselors/Therapists


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Please note: It will state if the counselors are licensed or not. Counselors who are not licensed are only certified to work within a treatment program that can provide ongoing supervision. Should you have any questions regarding the above statement, please feel free to contact us for clarification at (714) 765-5804.

What is a CCGC?
California Certified Gambling Counselors (CCGC) have completed the requirements of the California Certified Gambling Counselor Certification Board.

Level 1 (CCGC-I) counselors have gone through a rigorous certification process including a comprehensive education on treating problem gamblers and their families, taking and passing California and International tests and extensive supervised counseling.

Level 2 (CCGC-II) counselors have received additional education and spent more than 2,000 hours counseling problem gamblers and their families.

What is an Authorized Therapist?
State Sponsored Treatment Рindependently licensed therapists who took a specialized training and are authorized to provide FREE confidential problem gambling treatment in a private practice setting for people with gambling problems.

Disclaimer: These problem gambling-related resources are provided as a general service to the public and do not indicate that the California Council on Problem Gambling endorses, warrants, or otherwise guarantees the products, services, or information described or offered.

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