Do I Have to Stop Gambling Completely?


If gambling has become a problem for you, one of the first steps in your recovery is to stop gambling while you regain control of your life.

Ok, I’ve Gotten Help – Now Can I Gamble Again?
As with all addictions, the best way to avoid relapsing into your addiction after you have received treatment is abstinence.  It is strongly recommended that if gambling has caused problems in your life, you should stop gambling permanently.

Researchers are split on whether or not recovering addicts can ever gamble responsibly again. But almost all researchers agree on a few points:

  • It is highly unlikely that Pathological Gamblers, who suffer from the most severe form of gambling addiction, can ever gamble responsibly;
  • Even if some problem gamblers are able to return to gambling, the percentage is very low; and
  • We cannot know in advance which people are able to gamble again

In other words: even if it is possible for some people to return to gambling after they’ve received treatment, there is no way for you to know if you are one of them in advance. And if you are not one of those few people, it’s very possible – even likely – that the addiction will return even stronger than before.

So we reiterate: it may be possible for a small percentage of problem (not pathological) gamblers to return to gambling and maintain control, but the risks are great and it is strongly recommended that, if gambling has caused problems in your life, you stop gambling permanently.


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