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ADP contract #10-00213 was issued by the California Office of Problem Gambling (OPG) through an RFP (request for proposal) to educate gambling establishment employees and law enforcement about problem gambling and California’s prevention and treatment resources. The California Council on Problem Gambling (CCPG) was awarded the contract, ADP #10-00213, through this open bidding process in November of 2010.

The primary goal of ADP #10-00213 is the provide awareness and education training to individuals in two of the professions which are most directly impacted by gambling addiction: gambling and law enforcement professionals.

Utilizing evidence-based curriculums, CCPG will accomplish goals including, but not limited to:

  • Empowering gambling employees to provide assistance to problem gamblers, including customers and co-workers;
  • Enabling law enforcement officers to recognize when gambling addiction is impairing or affecting a suspect’s behavior;
  • Educating gambling and law enforcement employees about the particular and increased risk for gambling addiction resulting from their respective professions

The primary objective is to provide no-cost technical assistance to all gambling establishments and at least one law enforcement agency in each county throughout California. There are fifty-eight (58) counties in California and, as of January 2011, there were one hundred sixty-eight (168) gambling establishments.

Contract Services
The primary services provided under the contract are called “technical assistance” or TA for short. These services are provided to all gambling establishments (casinos, horse tracks, lottery, etc.) and law enforcement agencies with no direct cost to the client. Technical assistance comes in three forms:

1. Training
The preferred form of technical assistance is to train the client’s executives, managers and/or employees about Problem and Responsible Gambling. The classes, which are usually 1 or 2 hours, cover a large variety of topics including:

  • History and evolution of gambling
  • Overview of gambling addiction
  • California’s prevention and treatment services for gambling addicts

In addition to the broad topics above, trainings also include information about prevalence, multi-cultural and socioeconomic impacts and relevant details specific to the client’s business.

2. Outreach
Outreach encompasses the public awareness elements of the service, wherein CCPG provides information about gambling addiction and/or prevention and treatment services to individuals within the gambling or law enforcement communities. One example of outreach is setting up an information/resource booth at a public event, such as a health fair for casino employees.

3. Consultation
Another vital service provided by the contract is the availability of no-cost consultations. Consultations may be about any problem or responsible gambling related topic. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Review/development of policies
  • Marketing/strategic placement of advertisements
  • Referrals or assistance with sensitive situations

ADP #10-00213 provides funding for the distribution of a wide variety of resources and materials. Some examples include:

More than a dozen different brochures and workbooks are available for distribution in up to 21 languages. The most popular of these include:

  • Worried about Gambling (English/Spanish/Vietnamese)
  • Responsible Gambling Guidelines (7 languages)
  • CalGETS (7 languages)
  • Freedom from Problem Gambling Workbook (21 languages)
  • Personal Financial Strategies for the Loved Ones of Problem Gamblers (English)

Print media, signage and stickers are available for gambling establishments to place on the property.

Beginning in 2012, newsletters are produced two to four times per year. You can view archived newsletters here:

CCPG Responsible Gaming News You Can Use_Volume 1

Additional Information
For more information, or to request a technical assistance event, please download this Gambling & Law Enforcement Technical Assistance Brochure or contact:

Linda Graves
Project Director
P: 916-209-0390
F: 951-294-0456


Contracting Agency
P: 714-765-5804
F: 951-294-0456
41743 Enterprise Circle N, STE 202
Temecula, CA 92590

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