Help as a Parent


What can I do as a parent? You can

  • Know the warning signs of youth problem gambling
  • Learn about the risks associated with gambling activities1
  • Explain why the risk of gambling is greater for youth than for adults1
  • Clearly state your position about your children gambling1
  • Discuss rules and expectations and follow through with consequences1
  • Listen to what your child has to say about gambling and encourage discussion1
  • Talk about the difference between responsible gambling* and excessive and risky gambling, and about the consequences of problem gambling1
  • Do not gamble with your children, or give them gifts or rewards related to gambling, such as lottery tickets or poker chips1
  • Look for a time to bring up the topic naturally. Bring it up when running across a poker show on TV, or finding out that a friend or family member has won or lost money gambling2
  • When you talk to your kids about drugs or alcohol, include problem gambling in “the conversation”2
  • If you choose to gamble, make sure it is from a conscious, informed position. Share the guidelines you observe when you gamble,2 as well as the responsible guideline tips*
  • Notice any unusual changes in your child’s behavior1
  • Teach them about odds2 *
  • Be patient2

* For more information about responsible gambling, please visit the Gamble Responsibly site.

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