Problem Gamblers and Their Finances


The National Council on Problem Gambling and the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) have developed three handbooks to assist individuals whose finances have been affected by the gambling of a loved one, or who are trying to help a problem gambler straighten out their own finances.

workbookPersonal Financial Strategies for the Loved Ones of Problem Gamblers (2000)
This 52 page workbook contains information on the signs and stages of problem gambling, and provides guidelines for shifting control of finances, establishing a budget, locating other resources, and other actions that should be taken to deal with the financial issues that often arise as a result of problem gambling.

workbookHelping the Problem Gambling Client: A Financial Planner’s Guide (2000)
This 18 page guide was sought to sensitize and educate financial planners, who might have clients who are addicted to gambling, to the varied and unique financial issues confronting problem gamblers. The increased legalization of gambling and potential costs, the behavior of problem gamblers, and financial planners’ ethical obligations and actions all are addressed within the booklet.

workbookProblem Gamblers and Their Finances: A Guide or Treatment Professionals (2000)
This 53 page guide provides recommendations to help treatment professionals address financial issues associated with problem gambling. It discusses the causes, stages, and financial warning signs of problem gambling and potential financial strategies. It also lists financial resources.

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