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Do you need a guest speaker for your next meeting or conference?

California Council on Problem Gambling (CCPG) has an experienced, professional group of specialists to conduct problem gambling, educational and awareness presentations to schools, community groups, civic organizations and other interested parties.

Our mission is to increase awareness of problem gambling issues among all patrons, and our speakers offer audiences in California, or even nationally, valuable information on a variety of topics regarding problem gambling.


Full Day Events

  • Seminar on Counseling Problem Gamblers

Half Day Events

  • Events can be developed upon request

Two Hour Events

  • Why do people gamble?
    • This two hour class answers questions including, but not limited to: What are the differences between Problem and Pathological Gamblers? What is an Escape Gambler? How does Culture impact prevalence?

One Hour Events

  • California’s Problem Gambling Resources
    • An examination of the different prevention and treatment options throughout California. Discussion will touch on resources including the “first step” (1-800-GAMBLER), support groups such as Gambler’s Anonymous and free, state-funded treatment options.
  • Responsible Gambling
    • Want to decrease your odds of developing a gambling problem? These Responsible Gambling techniques may help.
  • California Problem Gambling & Helpline Overview
    • A statistics-driven analysis of the proliferation of Problem Gambling and the utilization of key prevention and treatment resources

Our speakers are often available with no cost to you! If we are unable to provide this service free of charge, the prices are based on the length of the event and the distance our speaker must travel.

Our Speakers
You can scroll over each name to view their biography:
Robert Jacobson
Marc Lefkowitz
Gary Lange, Ph.D
Tom Marriscolo
Suzanne Koch-Eckenrode

Requesting a Speaker
Fill out this form or call us at 714-765-5804 to request a speaker for your upcoming event.

Please make your request at least 30 days before your event date to ensure enough time to secure a speaker and plan the presentation.

Additional Questions
For questions about finding an expert speaker – or other CCPG programs – e-mail us or call our office at (714) 765-5804 and we will be happy to assist you.

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