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Spotlight Research is a collaborative, ongoing effort to compile a comprehensive list of print, audio and video resources about problem gambling, treatment and prevention.

Information in this library includes resources on youth and older adults, prevention programs, policy, legislation, poker machines, alcohol, social and economic impacts, policy, regulation and legislation, advocacy, casinos, community resources, alternative fundraising, suicide, family and children, Asian services, counseling and treatment, statistics and more.

Fact Sheets:
2012 California Office of Problem Gambling Adolescents
2012 National Council on Problem Gambling HR 2334
2010 National Council on Problem Gambling Cost Benefit of Problem Gambling Services

2017 Friday Night Live Survey on Youth Gambling
2013 National Survey of Problem Gambling Services
2012 Population Prevalence of Problem Gambling: Methodological Influences, Standardized Rates, Jurisdictional Differences, and Worldwide Trends
2004-2012: NCAA Student-Athlete Gambling Behaviors and Attitudes
2011 Maryland Prevalence Study
2010 Adolescent Gambling Survey
2007 Nova Scotia Prevalence Study
2006 California Prevalence Study
1999 National Gambling Impact Study Commission

Responsible Gaming Legislation:
2017 PGAM – Sponsored: CCPG & Video: SR20 Introduced
2016 PGAM – Sponsored: CCPG & Video: SR68 Introduced
2015 PGAM – Sponsored: CCPG
2014 PGAW – Sponsored: CCPG
2013 PGAW – Sponsored: OPG
2012 PGAW – Sponsored: OPG
2011 PGAW – Sponsored: OPG
2010 PGAW – Sponsored: OPG
2009 PGAW – Sponsored: OPG
2007 PGAW – Sponsored: OPG

2014 Massachusetts Report Recommended Responsible Gaming Framework for Legislature and Casinos
2006 Youth Perceptions of Gambling Behavior (FNL)
2005 California Problem Gambling Situational Assessment

Articles for General Audience
Collection of Recent Problem Gambling Articles from SunSentinel and Partners

Articles for Treatment Professionals
Abstract of a New Study on the Genetics of Problem Gambling
Comparisons of Gambling and Alcohol Use Among College and Noncollege Students
(Dr. Gary Lange) My Car Drives itself to the Casino
(Dr. Gary Lange) How Addition Lights Up Our Brains: Reviewing how Neurotransmitters affect Addiction
(Dr. Gary Lange) Gambling away the Golden Years: Seniors and Gambling

Helpline Reports:
2016 CA Annual Helpline Report
2015 CA Annual Helpline Report
2014 CA Annual Helpline Report
2013 CA Annual Helpline Report
2012 CA Annual Helpline Report
2011 CA Annual Helpline Report
2010 CA Annual Helpline Report
2009 CA Annual Helpline Report
2008 CA Annual Helpline Report
2007 CA Annual Helpline Report
2006 CA Annual Helpline Report
2005 CA Annual Helpline Report
2004 CA Annual Helpline Report
2003 CA Annual Helpline Report
2002 CA Annual Helpline Report
2001 CA Annual Helpline Report
June 1998-May 2001 CA Helpline Report

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