Why Do We Gamble?


Gambling is meant to be played for fun and entertainment, and people play for many reasons – some healthy and some not. Try to guess which of the below reasons can lead towards developing a gambling problem:

  • Entertainment
  • Social interaction
  • Attention or personal recognition
  • Win/make money
  • Excitement
  • Relaxation
  • Challenge and risk-taking
  • Occupy time / deal with boredom
  • Escape personal problems
  • Addiction

For most people, gambling is a social activity which they participate in for entertainment or maybe relaxation. If you gamble for any of those reasons, it is less likely (though still possible) that you will become addicted to gambling. For some people, it is even OK to gamble as a way to occupy their time or deal with boredom – as long as they do not gamble for that reason too frequently or ignore their other hobbies.

Conversely, people who gamble to escape their problems or for competitive reasons (for attention, to win/make money, for the challenge, etc.) are at a much greater risk of developing a gambling problem!

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